Thursday, February 15, 2024

#195 Darren Lewis


SILK : noun : \ silk
: a fine continuous protein fiber produced by various insect larvae usually for cocoons.

Or, um, maybe in reference to his undergarments?

Dusty Baker named his own son after Darren Lewis.

Batting average .250
Home runs 27
Runs batted in 342
Stolen bases 247

Oakland Athletics (1990)
San Francisco Giants (1991–1995)
Cincinnati Reds (1995)
Chicago White Sox (1996–1997)
Los Angeles Dodgers (1997)
Boston Red Sox (1998–2001)
Chicago Cubs (2002)

Gold Glove Award (1994)


  1. Interesting choice of word. I remember Lewis... but wasn't that familiar with him to know why Skybox chose that word.

  2. Some of these "Emotions" are really out there.