Friday, October 3, 2014

#98 Devon White

RELAXED : adjective \ri-ˈlakst\
: calm and free from stress, worry, or anxiety : not worried or tense

3-time All-Star (1989, 1993 & 1998)
7-time AL Gold Glove Winner (1988, 1989 & 1991-1995)
3-time World Series Champion
 All after he was traded away from the Angels with Willie Fraser for Junior Felix and Luis Sojo.
Good for you Devo.

I remember Devo in the outfield at Anaheim Stadium.  Relaxed, yes.  You'd think too relaxed.  But then he would just explode towards a ball that you wouldn't think he would reach and snag it on the run.  I always enjoyed watching him play.

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