Sunday, January 24, 2016

#130 Chris Hammond

CALM : adjective \ˈkäm, ˈkälm, ˈkam, ˈkȯ(l)m\
not angry, upset, excited, etc.

He was the first pitcher in the American Association in 36 years to win the league's Pitching Triple Crown.

He hit a grand slam home run in May 29, 1995, playing for the Florida Marlins.

 Struggling starting pitcher/swingman converted to a fairly successful relief man.

Cincinnati Reds (1990–1992)
Florida Marlins (1993–1996)
Boston Red Sox (1997)
Florida Marlins (1998)
Atlanta Braves (2002)
New York Yankees (2003)
Oakland Athletics (2004)
San Diego Padres (2005)
Cincinnati Reds (2006)

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