Sunday, January 24, 2016

#130 Chris Hammond

CALM : adjective \ˈkäm, ˈkälm, ˈkam, ˈkȯ(l)m\
not angry, upset, excited, etc.

He was the first pitcher in the American Association in 36 years to win the league's Pitching Triple Crown.

He hit a grand slam home run in May 29, 1995, playing for the Florida Marlins.

 Struggling starting pitcher/swingman converted to a fairly successful relief man.

Cincinnati Reds (1990–1992)
Florida Marlins (1993–1996)
Boston Red Sox (1997)
Florida Marlins (1998)
Atlanta Braves (2002)
New York Yankees (2003)
Oakland Athletics (2004)
San Diego Padres (2005)
Cincinnati Reds (2006)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#129 Andre Dawson

AUTHENTIC : adjective  au·then·tic  \ə-ˈthen-tik\
being really what it seems to be :  genuine <an authentic signature>

Seriously, does anyone REALLY remember Andre Dawson playing for the Marlins?

Friday, January 1, 2016

#128 Jeff Conine

as in <Crack Head>?

Originally a relief pitcher at UCLA, and was hit by a pitch in his only at-bat.

Only player to appear in the opener of the Marlins' inaugural season, the 1997 World Series Marlins' championship team, and the 2003 World Series Marlins' championship team.

2x All-Star (1994, 1995)
2x World Series champion (1997, 2003)
1995 MLB All-Star Game MVP

Monday, December 28, 2015

#127 Greg Colbrunn

WORKIN' : noun  work·ing  \ˈwər-kiŋ\
the manner of functioning or operating

Singled in his first at bat off Francisco Oliveras of the San Francisco Giants on July 9, 1992

 Hit for the cycle on September 18, 2002

2X World Series Champion 2001, 2013

Montreal Expos (1992–1993)
Florida Marlins (1994–1996)
Minnesota Twins (1997)
Atlanta Braves (1997–1998)
Colorado Rockies (1998)
Arizona Diamondbacks (1999–2002)
Seattle Mariners (2003)
Arizona Diamondbacks (2004)

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Emotion Recap - Page 14

118 Deion Sanders - LIGHTNING
119 Reggie Sanders - PLANNING
120 Pete Schourek - HEATER
121 John Smiley - COMPETATIVE
122 Jason Bates - PRESSURE
123 Dante Bichette - THE HEAT
124 Vinny Castilla - PSYCHED
125 Andres Galarraga - OBSERVING
126 Larry Walker - BLAST

Friday, December 18, 2015

#126 Larry Walker

BLAST : transitive verb \ˈblast\
:  to hit vigorously and effectively <blasted a home run>

In 1997 he hit .366 with 49 home runs, 130 RBI, 33 stolen bases, and 409 total bases, and became the first Canadian player to win the MVP Award.

He won the Tip O'Neill Award as Canada's top baseball player 9 times in his career.

His walk-up song was "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.

Superstitious about the number three. He wore number 33 and was married on Nov. 3 at 3:33. He would take three, or any multiple of three, swings in the batter's box before he would hit.

Montreal Expos (1989–1994)
Colorado Rockies (1995–2004)
St. Louis Cardinals (2004–2005)
Career highlights and awards
5× All-Star (1992, 1997–1999, 2001)

NL MVP (1997)
7× Gold Glove Award (1992, 1993, 1997–1999, 2001, 2002)
3× Silver Slugger Award (1992, 1997, 1999)
3× NL batting champion (1998, 1999, 2001)
NL home run leader (1997)

Sunday, December 13, 2015

#125 Andres Galarraga

OBSERVING : verb  ob·serve \əb-ˈzərv\
:  to watch carefully

The Big Cat

Montreal Expos (1985–1991)
St. Louis Cardinals (1992)
Colorado Rockies (1993–1997)
Atlanta Braves (1998, 2000)
Texas Rangers (2001)
San Francisco Giants (2001)
Montreal Expos (2002)
San Francisco Giants (2003)
Anaheim Angels (2004)

Just a few highlights from his career:
Led National League in Hits (184 in 1988)
Led National League in Total Bases (329 in 1988)
Led National League in Doubles (42 in 1988)
Led National League in Runs Created (113 in 1988)
Led National League in Extra-Base Hits (79 in 1988)
Led National League in Batting Average (.370 in 1993)
Led National League in Home Runs (47 in 1996)
Twice led National League in RBIs (150 in 1996 and 140 in 1997)
Ranks 69th on MLB All-Time Total Bases List (4,038)
Ranks 83rd on MLB All-Time Doubles List (444)
Ranks 43rd on MLB All-Time Home Run List (399)
Ranks 57th on MLB All-Time RBI List (1,425)
Ranks 58th on MLB All-Time Extra-Base Hits List (875)
Ranks 95th on MLB All-Time Intentional Walks List (106)
Was inducted into the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame in 2007(1st Rockies Baseball Player to be inducted)
Best Comeback Athlete ESPY Award 2001 (Atlanta Braves)
The Sporting News Comeback Player of the Year Award winner 1993 (Colorado Rockies) 2001 (Atlanta Braves)
First Rockies player ever represented at All-Star Game (1993)
Rockies Career Leader in At Bats per Home Runs with 15.5.
His 150 RBI season in 1996 is still a single season record for the Rockies [1].
Won the three triple crown categories (BA, HR, RBI) although in different seasons
Set Rockies record for RBI before the All-Star break (84 in 1997)
Became the first player in history to win two NL Comeback Player of the Year Awards
Honored in the docudrama movie Galarraga: puro béisbol (Galarraga: Nothing But Baseball - Venezuela, 2000)
Honored in the book Andrés Galarraga - Real Life Reader Biography, by writer Sue Boulais (2003)
Gained induction into the Venezuelan Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (2010)