Monday, December 28, 2015

#127 Greg Colbrunn

WORKIN' : noun  work·ing  \ˈwər-kiŋ\
the manner of functioning or operating

Singled in his first at bat off Francisco Oliveras of the San Francisco Giants on July 9, 1992

 Hit for the cycle on September 18, 2002

2X World Series Champion 2001, 2013

Montreal Expos (1992–1993)
Florida Marlins (1994–1996)
Minnesota Twins (1997)
Atlanta Braves (1997–1998)
Colorado Rockies (1998)
Arizona Diamondbacks (1999–2002)
Seattle Mariners (2003)
Arizona Diamondbacks (2004)


  1. Sweet card. I like Colbrunn on the Dbacks. Got any dupes of that card?

  2. I don't remember him as a Rockie. I must not have been paying that much attention in 1998 once the All Star Game was over.