Friday, January 16, 2015

#109 Shawon Dunston

INTENT : adjective \in-ˈtent\
: showing concentration or great attention

 First overall pick in the 1982 amateur draft.

Routinely recognized as having the strongest infield arm in the league.

Walked only 8 times, tying Doug Flynn for the fewest walks in a full season, post-WWII (450 or more at-bats).

Made it to the World Series with the Giants in 2002 hitting a home run off Kevin Appier of the Anaheim Angels in game six.  The Angels won the series. 

11 years with the Cubs, then a year with the Giants, then back to the Cubs and the Pirates, then to the Indians and back to the Giants, to the Cardinals and the Mets and back to the Cardinals, and finally 2 more seasons with the Giants.

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